Post-Semester Caching

I made it out for a Sunday afternoon of caching, no big plans other than to get some mileage on my travel bugs and enjoy being outside for a change. I invited my boyfriend to join me, but he took a pass, and I actually enjoyed the time to myself. (Anyone else ever feel this way?) Before sunset, I actually hit a new milestone (400 finds overall) and found 11 caches for the day. All 11 were “park-and-grabs,” but it was just what I needed, after the stress of the past few weeks and the rain of the past few days. All of them were a couple of counties over from my homebase, so I did explore an area out of my comfort zone, which added to the enjoyment of the hunt.


Caching Milestone Weekend

200th Cache and Key Coin

200th Cache and Key Coin

Yesterday, I had my biggest one-day total of 17 found caches, mostly in Randolph County, NC! Then today, I found my 200th cache! Hurray! And in pure coincidence, it was near a cemetery, just like my 100th cache. Now, I love old cemeteries, so it feels like serendipity. In both cases, DNFs got in the way of my making those milestones earlier.

In addition to lots of finds this weekend (17 yesterday and three today), I also dropped three travel bugs into caches. I’ve become quite the TB hoarder, especially of my own. I’m still on a caching roll, and want to help my little TB build up some mileage.  I discovered yesterday, though, that it takes time to log all those TBs for every find on the road. (I like using my iPhone app to log along the way.) I finally started selective TB logs on the road yesterday, because it was taking so much time. Now, I’ve dropped several TBs already, though only a couple of them have moved so far. I just need to be patient, and stop being a TB hoarder! Let them go! Does anyone else have the same problem? (I do have a geocoin attached to my key chain (see photo to the left with 200th cache), and having that helps! I’ll definitely hang on to that one.)

100th Cache Find!

100th Cache Find Container and Key Coin TB on Cemetery Fence

100th Cache Find Container and Key Coin TB on Cemetery Fence

Yesterday, I found my 100th cache! I was so excited! It took longer then expected yesterday, but was worth the wait. I started yesterday with 98 finds, so I only needed two more. It took 5 cache hunts to find my 99th and 100th caches, but I finally hit it with a cache called “Among the Living.”

The cache was hidden just outside the backside of a cemetery fence. The other side of the cemetery faces a major road in Raleigh, NC, but with traffic rushing by, many people probably don’t notice this cemetery. I’d never noticed it, but I don’t travel down that road very often. Since I love cemeteries, and even consider myself a taphophile, this was the perfect milestone find for me!

The picture here shows the container and my geocoin keychain on top of the fence. This isn’t the cache’s hiding place; I put it there for the photo opp.