Weekend Geocaching

It was an interesting weekend of geocaching!

On Saturday, I found one geocache, but didn’t find three others I looked. Lots of driving around, lots of looking without anything much to show for it. Grumble.

IMG_3530Yesterday (Sunday), I had much better luck! All told, I found five out of eight searches, and landed in a lovely county (Franklin County) I don’t spend much time in. My favorite cache of the day was near a cemetery, a cute container in a cedar tree, usually kinda tough to look for (for me, anyway!).  The part of Franklin County where I geocached was pretty rural. I stopped in Anchor Baptist Church’s parking lot to look for a nearby cache, but no luck. I liked this quaint little church, though, and decided to take a photo.

I’ve now found 822 geocaches on my way to 1,000!



Thanksgiving Weekend Caching

November’s been unexpectedly busy, especially with graduate school and (sadly) my dad’s Halloween stroke. (He’s doing better, but is still in rehab for the stroke.) A quick trip to the beach to be with family for=Thanksgiving has provided a welcome (though somewhat guilty) break from work, school (though I’ve brought homework with me), and visiting Dad. The weekend away has also provided opportunities to find a few caches, which has been fun! I even traded travel bugs in a fun geocache I found this morning in the Swansboro, NC, area, which provided a small thrill I’d forgotten about! Here’s hoping December will bring time for a few more caches!