Thanksgiving Weekend Caching

November’s been unexpectedly busy, especially with graduate school and (sadly) my dad’s Halloween stroke. (He’s doing better, but is still in rehab for the stroke.) A quick trip to the beach to be with family for=Thanksgiving has provided a welcome (though somewhat guilty) break from work, school (though I’ve brought homework with me), and visiting Dad. The weekend away has also provided opportunities to find a few caches, which has been fun! I even traded travel bugs in a fun geocache I found this morning in the Swansboro, NC, area, which provided a small thrill I’d forgotten about! Here’s hoping December will bring time for a few more caches!


Geocaching on Vacation

2013-05-18 09.34.53George and I joined my parents, sister and brother-in-law, and nieces on the North Carolina coast for a few days last week, and I enjoyed finding a few caches there, as well as to and from the beach. I found some new-to-me spots, even though we’ve been going to the beach in that area for years! I also enjoyed the extra exercise while geocaching. It got me off my butt a little more while on vacation!