New GPS!

I bought a new GPS recently for geocaching and Find-A-Grave, a Garmin Oregon 650t! I’m eager to learn how to use it, but haven’t taken it for a spin yet.

I recently hit the milestone of 800 geocache finds, with the goal of hitting 1000 finds this year. I also want to start hiding caches, part of my motivation for buying the GPS. I’ve bought some containers, and have already picked out a possible first location. Stay tuned!


The Cost of Caching

I went caching for a while this morning, driving to the city of Holly Springs to look for a few new finds. It was a pretty successful morning, logging 6 finds between Holly Springs and money_bag_1nearby Apex. While I was out and about, I stopped to fill up the gas tank, about $25 worth. It got me thinking about (not for the first time) about how expensive caching can be! In addition to gas plus wear and tear on the car, there’s the Geocaching premium membership, the app on my iPhone, and the bag of travel bugs in my car. All are optional, even the iPhone app, as I chose to get the $9.99 version instead of the freebie. (I don’t have a handheld GPS receiver YET, but I want one!) So, while I drove around earlier today, I thought a lot about my different financial goals, and how I might need to put myself on a geocaching budget, especially if I want to save for a GPS receiver! Stay tuned!


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Thanks to My iPhone

I signed up for an account on FIVE years ago, but never got around to buying a GPS receiver. Well, I recently learned that there’s an app for geocaching, so I downloaded it, and found my first geocache last month with the help of another librarian. My first cache? One named Book Worm, near the main library at Duke University! Now I’m off and running! I’ve learned a lot in the past month or so, about the area where I live, about my eye for detail, about patience. I decided to start charting my lessons and travels here.