Most Personal Geocache Finds in One Day

climbing_to_goal_1Last week, George and I went to West Virginia on a short geocaching vacation. On Sunday, our driving day up, I found 25 caches in three states! 25 caches in one day is a new best for me, so I was excited–and exhausted! I was shooting for 24 finds in 24 hours, and found 25, one extra just to make sure I made it! I also got two new state souvenirs, an added bonus. In time, I’d like to beat that number, but for now, I’m still glad for the 25!

I know of other cachers who have found more than one hundred in one day, often working in pairs or teams. It sounds like more eyes help. Do you cache with others? What’s your best in one day?


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The End of a Streak

As of yesterday,¬† I’d found¬† at least one cache for 28 days in a row. Today, nothing. I searched for two previous DNFs that others have found since I looked, and came up short. Work and life prevented me from looking further, so the streak comes to an end. Consecutive day streaks are tough, so I’m not fretting about it. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the time caching takes up, and how I’ve been pretty obsessed with it the past few months. There hasn’t been enough time for other things, like reading, exercise (other than walking around looking for caches!), and trying out new recipes. So in a way, I’m relieved the streak has ended. No more pressure. I’ll be setting some other geocaching goals. Stay tuned!

The Cost of Caching

I went caching for a while this morning, driving to the city of Holly Springs to look for a few new finds. It was a pretty successful morning, logging 6 finds between Holly Springs and money_bag_1nearby Apex. While I was out and about, I stopped to fill up the gas tank, about $25 worth. It got me thinking about (not for the first time) about how expensive caching can be! In addition to gas plus wear and tear on the car, there’s the Geocaching premium membership, the app on my iPhone, and the bag of travel bugs in my car. All are optional, even the iPhone app, as I chose to get the $9.99 version instead of the freebie. (I don’t have a handheld GPS receiver YET, but I want one!) So, while I drove around earlier today, I thought a lot about my different financial goals, and how I might need to put myself on a geocaching budget, especially if I want to save for a GPS receiver! Stay tuned!


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