Caching Milestone Weekend

200th Cache and Key Coin

200th Cache and Key Coin

Yesterday, I had my biggest one-day total of 17 found caches, mostly in Randolph County, NC! Then today, I found my 200th cache! Hurray! And in pure coincidence, it was near a cemetery, just like my 100th cache. Now, I love old cemeteries, so it feels like serendipity. In both cases, DNFs got in the way of my making those milestones earlier.

In addition to lots of finds this weekend (17 yesterday and three today), I also dropped three travel bugs into caches. I’ve become quite the TB hoarder, especially of my own. I’m still on a caching roll, and want to help my little TB build up some mileage.  I discovered yesterday, though, that it takes time to log all those TBs for every find on the road. (I like using my iPhone app to log along the way.) I finally started selective TB logs on the road yesterday, because it was taking so much time. Now, I’ve dropped several TBs already, though only a couple of them have moved so far. I just need to be patient, and stop being a TB hoarder! Let them go! Does anyone else have the same problem? (I do have a geocoin attached to my key chain (see photo to the left with 200th cache), and having that helps! I’ll definitely hang on to that one.)


Be Careful Out There!

I’m dealing with my first bout of poison ivy in decades! Ouch! As “luck” would have it, one doctor though I had shingles at first. Yesterday, I went to my regular doctor’s office, and they think they original shingles rash is poison ivy, but that a new rash on my back looks like shingles! Life can be a little crazy that way, but I’m already thinking about my next cache finds. I just might stay on the pavement for a while, that’s all!