Weekend Geocaching

It was an interesting weekend of geocaching!

On Saturday, I found one geocache, but didn’t find three others I looked. Lots of driving around, lots of looking without anything much to show for it. Grumble.

IMG_3530Yesterday (Sunday), I had much better luck! All told, I found five out of eight searches, and landed in a lovely county (Franklin County) I don’t spend much time in. My favorite cache of the day was near a cemetery, a cute container in a cedar tree, usually kinda tough to look for (for me, anyway!).  The part of Franklin County where I geocached was pretty rural. I stopped in Anchor Baptist Church’s parking lot to look for a nearby cache, but no luck. I liked this quaint little church, though, and decided to take a photo.

I’ve now found 822 geocaches on my way to 1,000!



New GPS!

I bought a new GPS recently for geocaching and Find-A-Grave, a Garmin Oregon 650t! I’m eager to learn how to use it, but haven’t taken it for a spin yet.

I recently hit the milestone of 800 geocache finds, with the goal of hitting 1000 finds this year. I also want to start hiding caches, part of my motivation for buying the GPS. I’ve bought some containers, and have already picked out a possible first location. Stay tuned!

August Caching

For the past two Augusts that I’ve been geocaching, Geocaching.com has offered special challenges. Once again, I fell short of getting all the virtual souvenirs available. Graduate school is taking a lot of my free time, but I hope to be finished in December.

One of my favorite finds last month was a virtual cache called New Hope Valley Railway. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, but

North Carolina Railroad Museum

North Carolina Railroad Museum

probably wouldn’t have taken the time to do it if it weren’t for the August challenge. (The virtual cache is about 20 miles from home.) Since it was over the holiday weekend, my boyfriend (not a cacher) went with me, which added to the fun! I’d highly recommend this virtual cache!

Working Toward 366 Days of Geocaching

desk_calendar_1Last Friday, I found (much to my joy and relief!) a cache on my lunch break! That means that May is the first month where I’ve found at least one cache on each day.  I still have a long way to go to fill in all 366 days (including Leap Day, February 29) of the year, but it’s a start. My next cacheless day is June 6, which is a Friday. I’ll keep on caching, though, since I’m only 8 geocaches away from 500 finds!

What geocaching goals are you working on?




Clipart from Clipartheaven.com

Still Out There!

No worries, I’m still caching! I’ve found some great ones lately, especially now that it’s staying light longer after work. I’ve also been trying to let a few of my trackables go (a hard thing for me to do!). I hope to hit #500 this summer, Life’s busy right now with work and grad school, though I try to take things one cache at a time!

Post-Semester Caching

I made it out for a Sunday afternoon of caching, no big plans other than to get some mileage on my travel bugs and enjoy being outside for a change. I invited my boyfriend to join me, but he took a pass, and I actually enjoyed the time to myself. (Anyone else ever feel this way?) Before sunset, I actually hit a new milestone (400 finds overall) and found 11 caches for the day. All 11 were “park-and-grabs,” but it was just what I needed, after the stress of the past few weeks and the rain of the past few days. All of them were a couple of counties over from my homebase, so I did explore an area out of my comfort zone, which added to the enjoyment of the hunt.